Dear fellow El Paso County Republicans,


I’m asking you to hire me as your next El Paso County Treasurer. For over three decades I have lived and worked in El Paso County as a businessman, elected official, long-time volunteer and supporter of the Republican Party. I have the experience, expertise, and character to watch over your money as El Paso County Treasurer.

The Treasurers Office handles over $lB in tax collections and pays those taxes to the approximately 200 local governments which provide our roads, schools, water, sewer, fire, police and other public services. A team of 17 El Paso County employees works to ensure the smooth collection and distribution of tax dollars. As Treasurer, I will be your champion to oversee this operation and ensure it runs smoothly and efficiently. My full-time job will be watching overyour tax dollars. You should have complete faith in the accountability of your money; I pledge to do this job with the highest degree of integrity and professionalism.

As Treasurer, I pledge to advocate for policies that protect the financial stability of our county and state, including solvency for PERA and the EPC Retirement Fund. These are not front-page issues, but they require conservative champions who thoughtfully consider policy implications that eventually impact taxpayers. While I was a County Commissioner, I worked with other commissioners around the state to affect positive change for local governments. As Treasurer, I will work with other local Treasurers and the State Treasurer to promote policies of sound financial management.

I look forward to meeting you and speaking with you during this campaign. I humbly ask for your support and vour vote.

Duncan Bremer

Duncan S Bremer
Attorney At Law